Guitar Lessons

This class is designed for beginner students who are new to playing Guitar.No prior knowledge is expected. Students will be made familiar with the fundamentals, like string names and how to play single notes. They will learn how to properly hold the guitar, position their hands and fingers, and their first short song. We will be learning a number of open chords and connecting them to songs the students may be familiar with, as well as working on some single-notes melodies and exercises for strengthening our fingers.

Topics to cover in first 4 days(GUITAR)

Day 1 :

  1. Introduction of Guitar
  2. Brief about Types of Guitar
  3. Various components of Guitar

Day 2 :

  1. Medical Benefits of playing guitar
  2. Advantages of guitar as a musical instrument

Day 3 :

  1. Basic strumming patterns of guitar
  2. How to pick up strings
  3. How to put fingers in different frets

Day 4 :

  1. Brief about different basic chords
  2. Bar chords
  3. Brief about Rhythem

You will see the progress made by each class as kids gets familiar with Guitar and then you can continue with the program.

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